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Shared Memories Mural, Mote Park, Maidstone, 2023

Two Sided, Permanent Public Art Sculpture


Created by Maidstone-born and raised ceramic artist Jack Durling, the ‘Shared Memories Mural’ comprises an estimated 2,000 handmade tactile tiles.


The mural is reflective of both historic and contemporary memories of Mote Park that were shared by members of the general public from Maidstone, as well as around 90 students from Valley Park School who helped to create the individual tiles. Capturing each memory in a single tile, they are collectively brought together in a unified piece.


Each tile was hand-made using an architectural clay body and then glazed in a variety of complementary colours. The colour palette is inspired by the seasons: greens for Spring and growth; yellow for Summer and warmth; sepias for Autumn and leaves; and blues for Winter and the cold. Additional colours that reflect blossoms and flowers create a charming patchwork that blends beautifully into the landscape of the park.

-Credited MBC Press Release.


'Mote Park has always been a special place for not only me and my family but for many other people near and far. It was my nan of 89, a permanent resident of Maidstone, who inspired my initial ideas with the sculpture, she has long told stories of the past and how Mote Park was in the days of her childhood. Many tiles depict touching and personal memories of individuals which is something I found quite moving when running the workshops. It is my hope the Mural continues to inspire reflection on the legacy of Mote Park.'

British Wildlife Sensory Tile  Mural, Blind Veterans UK, 2019

In the summer of 2019 Jack Durling worked with the Blind Veterans UK to create the British Tiled Wildlife Mural. This comprises of 117 individually hand made tiles by Jack that fit together in a honey comb formation.

The tiles were made in his workshop in Brighton and later transported to the site in Ovingdean Brighton. Where they were then modelled and printed upon with organic materials.

Being an organisation that helps rehabilitate those with life changing visual impairment the British Wildlife Tiled Mural project was designed to meet the needs of its members. This piece became a very communal piece seeing members, staff and volunteers all involved in the making of the work.


It will be housed permanently in their RHS award winning sensory garden. Adorning the inner walls of the garden. It is bright in its celadon colour pallet specifically to help assist differentiate between the tiles.

Workshops In Education and Institutions

Jack has worked with various educational​ institutions and schools, creating bespoke projects leading to group exhibitions and decorative ceramic installations. From flying British birds in the canteen of Valley Park School, Maidstone Kent, to Free swimming dolphins and whales in the library in Varndean School, Brighton, Wind socks Will Balfour Primary, Brighton to Pop up workshops in University of Brighton.

For enquiries about projects in working in schools please contact Jack directly in regards to this.

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