Jack Durling first learnt to hand build in ceramics when studying at Valley Park school in his home town of Maidstone, Kent. Where he developed his interest in animal sculpture and conservation.

Further down the line Jack reconnected with the school via social media and with his old ceramics teacher Alison Collins. Alison a ceramicist in her own right taught Jack how to hand build in ceramics where he learnt his love for the material. Jack has since revisited Valley Park to run workshops as a guest visiting artist, holding demonstrations, talks and tutorials and working alongside Ms Collins herself. Working with students from Year 7 - Year 13.

Where the students have created 40 polar bear sculptures based on his Adrift Collection and free standing bear busts inspired by his Bleeding For Gold collection. The school also runs a scholars programme that selects students to attend the school outside the catchment area and have access to a highly developed artistic scheme. Jack was invited to be part of this judging panel as part of the schools alumni.

'Being dyslexic I was more drawn to working creatively, I feel it has been so important for my development as a person. I enjoy running workshops with people of all ages and backgrounds and being quite grounded an honest with how I have managed to achieve what I have.'

Jack has also run workshops at his own workshop, shows and for charities. If you would like to enquire into a workshop proposal or upcoming sessions contact Jack.

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