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Hand built ceramic sculpture inspired by the phenomena of the natural world

Jack Durling, an artist based in Brighton, draws inspiration from the wonders of the natural world to create unique ceramic sculptures that pay homage to various animal species. His creations stand out for their intricate decorative details, achieved through the use of lustres and delicate detail. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these sculptures convey subtle environmental and conservation messages, forming a visual language that captivates viewers.


Jack's artistic process involves hand-building the sculptures using diverse techniques, guided by illustrations that come to life in clay and reflect his distinctive style.


As a child, Jack spent significant time in Dungeness, a place renowned for its untamed landscapes and rich textures. It was there that his fascination with wildlife took root, leading to the development of textural contrasts as a recognizable hallmark of his work. Jack's artistic achievements include being an alumnus of the Craft Council and having his pieces featured in their permanent collection.


He regularly exhibits his work in prestigious national shows and is represented by esteemed galleries throughout the UK. Additionally, Jack shares his expertise as a part-time tutor at the esteemed Westdean College of Art and Craft Conservation. One of Jack's notable contributions is the creation of the Shared Memories Mural, a freestanding public art sculpture installed in Maidstone's Mote Park in 2023. This permanent public sculpture showcases his talent and commitment to the arts.


Furthermore, Jack demonstrates his dedication to animal welfare by donating a percentage of his sales to related charities. His efforts have garnered recognition, as he was shortlisted and commended as an artist for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2022, specifically for his captivating Penguin Colony artwork. In addition to his accomplishments, Jack's work has gained exposure through its appearance in the Amazon series "The Power" and the sixth and seventh season of "The Great Pottery Throw Down." These platforms have further showcased his artistic prowess and brought his creations to a wider audience.

Hippo, Work In Progress, West Dean.jpg


We had been following Jacks work for some time, first seeing his work in The Open House Festival Brighton, we decided to commision him with our very own bears. They are truly wonderful they say something about both my husband and I, we enjoy seeing them in our home everyday.

Jane, Henfield, East Sussex.

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