Terra Mural

Terra Mural

This mural consists of 30 individually ceramic tiles made by different individuals including some by Jack himself. All representing and depicting animal species that are in mass decline or at the brink of extinction due to human activity. 

In conjunction with the Michael Aldrich Collection, Jack developed this project with the idea to create an inclusive piece that would effectively work together as one singular impacting artwork. Two workshops were held. One at Widening Participation into the Arts Conference held at The University of Brighton 2018 and the second at Jacks very own studio in the heart of Brighton. 

In these workshops Jack shared his artistic inspiration and motivation, demonstrations of techniques in clay were given to the participants and the once blank canvas tiles took shape into striking animate objects. Fired and then bought back together as one.


This piece is now part of The Aldrich Collection.

Thank you to all that was involved!

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