Sensory Patch Blanket

Sensory Patch Cushion


Cognitive stimulation therapy is an alternative treatment carried out in most care homes with residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. 


This product was designed to provide comfort as well as act as an engaging conversational reminiscent tool. Through collaboration and observation, it was discovered many residents found comfort in a simple cushion and were stimulated by things that bought about nostalgic memories, by both music and imagery.


The cushion was designed in a way that would allow growth into a sensory blanket that would act as a canvas of engagement and nostalgic comfort.


Pictured in the images above is Jackie Wenham manager of Autumn Lodge and Jane a resident, who sung the national anthem together when interacting and engaging with the cushion piece.


Runner Up 'Design For The Future Award' - Future Perfect Company 2013.


Exhibited at The British Mobility Roadshow 2013.


Nominated for The Anna-Marie Desogus Award 2013.