Air Pollution Urban Patterns

Revealing a Message Through Time - Making the Invisible Visible

This decorative surface proposed for an inner city, reacts to its environment by trapping carbon particulates a bi product released from combustion engines. Affectively becoming a conversational instrument, the tiled patterned surface would reveal over time, trapping traces of pollution from the environment of which it is situated. 

                                                              ...Offering a Place to Reflect,

More abstract in style, the patterns are eye catching and developed to become more interactive to the user through the use of a key they can inspect and identify them on a more personal level. Each atom pattern corresponds with the pollutants that cause negative affects on different areas of the body, such as Lead (Pb) with neurological problems and Carbon Monoxide (CO) on breathing.

The break down of such information communicates the situation of air pollution in a more humanised way, raising questions about the effect on ones health.


'Trend Bible Loves' - New Designers 2014.


Shortlisted for Sky Advertising Award New Designers 2014.


Responsive Tiled Mural

Responsive Tiled Bench

Observational Pattern Series

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