Pei Pei, Chinese Pangolin, Bleeding For Gold

Pei Pei, Chinese Pangolin, Bleeding For Gold


H41cm x W17cm xD19cm


Bespoke one off hollow formed hand-coiled and carved stoneware ceramic sculpture embellished with platinum lustre. As a species genus Pangolin's are the most trafficked mammals in our world today. The appetite for their keratin rich scales are prized in the traditional medicine market, with no supporting scientific evidence. Having recently received much attention in the current world crisis pangolins and other animals should not have to bare the sins of humans. Innocent and fascinating the pangolin is a true marvel in evolution.


10% of Proceeds of the sale of this piece will be donated to Save Pangolins Org.


Postage and packaging is included in the payment.


Please note that dimensions are rounded up to the nearest centimetre.


Pei Pei, Chinese Pangolin, Bleeding For Gold

  • Upon the purchase of ceramic sculputral art work, special care will be taken to ensure it is packaged and couriered accordingly. Please allow up to 14 days maximum to receive the art work. Care instructions will be provided within the delivery note accompanying sold work.