Jaso, Javan Rhino, Bleeding For Gold.

Jaso, Javan Rhino, Bleeding For Gold.


H14cm x W12cm x D23cm


Bespoke one off hollow formed hand-coiled stoneware ceramic sculpture embellished with gold lustre. The Javan Rhino is the most endangered of all extant Rhino species with fewer than 60 individuals known. It is heavily hunted for its precious horn but also effected by habitat loss. Jaso features unique markings through the marbling of clay bodies giving varied tones in the clay body itself.


10% of Proceeds of the sale of this piece will be donated to International Rhino Foundation.


Postage and packaging is included in the payment.


Please note that dimensions are rounded up to the nearest centimetre.

Jaso, Javan Rhino, Bleeding For Gold.