Cluster, Sperm Whale, Cloaked Cetacea

Patch, Bowhead Whale, Cloaked Cetacea


H30cm x W14cm x D14cm


Bespoke one off hollow formed hand-coiled stoneware ceramic sculpture embellished with hand decorated slip pattern and mother of pearl lustre. The Sperm Whale is the largest living toothed whale in our world today and had long been hunted for its oil rich nasal cavity. -Long debated but now identified to help it with its echo location of prey in the deep ocean. Today these graceful ocean giants face threat from plastic, through ingesting it and through being entanglement within it. This underlying message is embodied within the piece.


10% of Proceeds of the sale of this piece will be donated to WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


Please note that dimensions are rounded up to the nearest centimetre.

Cluster, Sperm Whale, Cloaked Cetacea

  • Upon the purchase of ceramic sculputral art work, special care will be taken to ensure it is packaged and couriered accordingly. Please allow up to 14 days maximum to receive the art work. Care instructions will be provided within the delivery note accompanying sold work.

    Due to the delicate nature and size of this piece an additional £10.00 has been included to cover Postage and Packaging.