Abiral, Himalayan Expedition, Biome Legacy

Abiral, Himalayan Expedition, Biome Legacy.


H40cm x W28cm x D28cm


Bespoke hand-modelled stoneware ceramic sculpture intricately created from a hand stained variegated stoneware clay body. Abiral is the critically endangered and very elusive Snow Leopard of the Himalayas. A very fragile biome and remote ecosystem, it is predicted than there is less than 5000 individuals in the wild today. Now heavily protected they are still very vulnerable and hunted for their fur and other desirable commodities that feeds the medicinal black market.


10% of Proceeds of the sale of this piece will be donated to then Snow Leopard Trust, registered charity.


Postage and packaging is included in the payment.


Please note that dimensions are rounded up to the nearest centimetre. The Glass Cloche is hand blown and made hold very small surface imperfections such as an air bubble. The base is oak hard wood in matt black.

Abiral, Himalayan Expedition, Biome Legacy

  • Upon the purchase of ceramic sculputral art work, special care will be taken to ensure it is packaged and couriered accordingly. Please allow up to 14 days maximum to receive the art work. Care instructions will be provided within the delivery note accompanying sold work.