Oil Slick, Sea Birds

Oil Slick, Sea Birds.

Having a passion for conservation and the preservation of wildlife, Jack has used the medium of clay to highlight and discuss the very real problem of the consumption of oil. Focusing upon how this directly affects specifically sea birds. In a world where oil is so precious, careless acts of humanity are forced upon nature.


Oil slicks, such as the BP Gulf Oil disaster has become one of the greatest man made disasters to the environment. To this day the clean up continues and the damage it has caused is unprecedented.


These pieces seek to speak to people about pollution and the pain inflicted on a great numbers of birds, capturing they're struggle. Using layered glaze upon individual hand-built, hand-coiled sculptures, collectively they are bought together as one, to deliver a greater message.

Bird Heads

Crested Cormorant and Gull

Terns, Guillemots and Sandpipers