British Wildlife Tiled Mural

In the summer of 2019 Jack Durling worked with the Blind Veterans UK to create the British Tiled Wildlife Mural. This comprises of 117 individually hand made tiles by Jack that fit together in a honey comb formation.

The tiles were made in his workshop in Brighton and later transported to the site in Ovingdean Brighton. Where they were then modelled and printed upon with organic materials.

Being an organisation that helps rehabilitate those with life changing visual impairment the British Wildlife Tiled Mural project was designed to meet the needs of its members. This piece became a very communal piece seeing members, staff and volunteers all involved in the making of the work.

Tactile in nature this piece is the largest project Jack has developed to date. It will be housed permanently in their RHS award winning sensory garden. Adorning the inner walls of the garden. It is bright in it celadon colour pallet specifically to help assist with differentiate between the tiles.

This piece is still being installed in the centre. hindered by the 2020 Covid-19 situation.