Windsock Project日本の吹き流しプロジェクト

Windsock Project


With The Aldrich Collection and Balfour Primary School.

For Brighton Open House Festival.


During early spring 2016 Jack was approached by the Aldrich Collection to represent and develop a project that would inspire children of Year 1 age 5-6, 120 students to get creative and paint.


Through research Jack discovered an exciting annual event that takes place in Japan that helped to inspire and envision a large scaled installation piece.

Kodomo no Hi 子供の日, is an annual national celebration of children in Japan, where Koinobori 鯉幟, wind streamers, are displayed as installations across the country.

These Japanese windsocks, traditionally Koi carp, enchantingly capture the wind and flow like moving shoals of fish.


Jack had strived away from tradition, and hoped to recapture his audience and thus created an array of his own windsocks from which 20 of each animal silhouette was applied to the cut windsocks;


A Dog, a mans best friend

A Bird, to soar across the skies

A Koi Carp, to keep with tradition

A Whale, to swim across the seas

A Hare, to run free


Having held his classes and demonstrating his techniques, Some abstract, some with pattern others more intricate on certain details, It is clear a rich variety of inspired works were created by the children, 240 sides in fact each different from the next.


Displayed in the schools main hall, the installation invites you to connect with the pieces, drawing you in and becoming interactive with its audience, through movement and arrangement.

The originals by Jack himself are now part of The Aldrich Collection.

The Balfour Windsocks

The Aldrich Windsock Collection