Cloaked Cetacea

71% of our world is water, vast oceans are inhabited by some of the largest animals to ever grace our planet and yet still little is known about them. Many of us go about our daily lives and forget to consider what may happen to that little piece of plastic packaging. And sometimes this ends up in places that we wouldn’t expect.

A soup of plastic,

Unfortunately for animals such as whales their delicate ecosystems for which they call home are negatively affected by our indirect carelessness. Vast amounts of plastic is polluting our seas. Through accidental ingestion and absorption these plastics are having consequences for many species great or small.

The beauty of Cetacea. This project seeks to signify of the problem through abstracted highly decorative surface pattern. But more importantly celebrates the beauty of these creatures.

Stoneware, Lustre, Hollow Formed, Ceramic Sculpture.

Red, Black, Cloaked Cetacea


Twirl Serenade, White, Cloaked Cetacea


Kanji, Obruta, Cloaked Cetacea