Bleeding For Gold

Poaching is an ever growing crisis in the modern day world. Severely corrupt, highly prized sought after material of animal origin is trafficked on the black market for traditional Chinese medicine and craft practises. Dating back many of centuries, animals such as Rhino and Elephants have and still are brutally maimed and mutulated just for the ivory and horn of which they carry.

Bear species native to Asia such as Sloth Bears are cruelly kept alive and invasively milked through open wounds for their bile found in their stomachs. 

                                                                 ...Pain and Sorrow,

Jack has compassionately and emotively created this body of work to express the beauty and value of these species. Through using lustre embellishments  commodities poached from the animals depicted is highlighted. 

                                                                 ...Rhino Horn is Worth its Weight in Gold,

Significant loss and damage is being continually made upon species such as these, pushing many to the brink of extinction. 'We cannot shy away from these very real problems and simply pretend that it isn't there. Through education and integrity we can move forward and protect which is not rightfully ours.'

Stoneware, Lustre, Hollow Formed, Ceramic Sculpture.

Aurora, Bleeding For Gold

Asiatic Bears



Pei Pei, Bleeding For Gold