Biome Legacy.jpg

Biome Legacy

Fragility forever encapsulated.


Across the world, habitats and species that live within them all have a role to play in the circle of life. However, human activity is upsetting this natural balance in our world both great and small. This menagerie explores this fragility in ceramic form.

These delicate biomes are forever encapsulated raising many questions. What legacy will we leave behind?

Stoneware, Hollow Formed, Ceramic Sculpture.

Orangutan, Biome Legacy.jpg

Batara, Orangutan, Biome Legacy, H31cm x W20cm x D20cm

Moby, Sperm Whale, Biome Legacy.jpg

Moby, Sperm Whale, Biome Legacy, H40cm x W28cm x D28cm

Indian Tigress, Biome Legacy.jpg

Sona, Indian Tigress, Biome Legacy, H31cm x W20cm x D20cm

Chi Po, Biome Legacy.jpg

Chi Po, Chinese Pangolin, Biome Legacy, H31cm x W20cm x D20cm