The fragility of our Earths climate is an ever increasing issue, undeniably our artic regions are seeing rapid and comprehensible changes. Vast ice shelves are breaking up and melting that have been intact for many millennia, releasing further greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Consequently this is impacting on its regions wildlife, and life as we know it is under immense pressure to cope under such conditions.


Species are unable to evolve at the rate that change is happening and this work is set as a reminder of the fragility of our planets ecosystems. 

Effectively ambassadors, Polar Bears are unable to hunt for food, Walruses are unable to nurse their young. Adrift serves as a reminder but also as a celebration of biodiversity and the beauty of species such as these. That are left in a tilting balance of unfortunate climatic circumstances.

Stoneware, Hollow Formed, Ceramic Sculpture.

Adrift Polar Bears
Adrift Polar Bears